"You were brilliant. The show well structured, writing excellent. You do broad comedy and can always pull the audience back into tragedy. That is a rare skill! I was the raffle winner on Wednesday and was delighted to be so. Wish you all the best in the future. You deserve success. & Husband Allan who agrees with me...Wouldn't dare not to!"

"I expect we'll see this on the TV"

"It was so funny but you still managed to make me cry"

"Brilliant - made me see that I wasn't alone!"

"Moving but entertaining"

"WOW! Excellent performance, so true to life"

"Lots of food for thought, a great night!"

"Realistic... not far fetched, a good night"

"Good to see a positive woman role model"

"It was absolutely brilliant! It was so different from anything I had seen before"

"I would watch her again... I wouldn't have missed it for anything"

"Brilliant! Poignant! And a most entertaining evening!"

"Victoria Wood look out!"

"A great mixture of laughs and tears"

"See you on TV!"

"What a show... What a woman!"

"This lovely lady had the audience enthralled and in fits of laughter"

"She had the audience in the palm of her hand"

"A female Peter Kay"

"Our Mavis McCormack laughed so much she nearly peed her pants!"