• This is my teabag infused for you. Each time you drink from this cup, do so in memory of me!
  • “Highly recommended for fine connoisseurs of British humour”


    Three Weeks on Roll Out The Beryl, 2011

  • 'The Last Cuppa' is a Widows love song… Johnnie Deacon was a father, husband, farmer…and 'Rock & Roll' lover.  Come and meet Nadine, the woman he has left behind as she remembers her life with a man who made magic… and many cups of tea.
  • Each sip stirs a memory and opens up the door to another.

    The show is based on conversations with strangers shared over a cup of tea. Elaine has put some these stories and tea tales into one pot to produce an emotive piece of theatre that is poured out and served with slices of life, spread with humour and sprinkled with tears.
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